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Hi friends, I am Stella, I'm right now doing my graduation, and I need to write an essay on information and technology. Can somebody give me certain plans on what topic should I write the essay… I searched for some of the topic, but I am totally confused to select a particular information technology essay topic… How about writing the essay on cloud computing… Tell your opinion or suggest some good information technology essay topics… I need to submit the essay within this month… So please help… Thank you so much.

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Hello Stella, there can be many information technology essay topics, it is always better to choose the topic in which you think that you can write the essay well. In my opinion, cloud computing is a good topic to write the essay. If you have confidence to write the essay in this topic, you can surely go ahead with it. Some other information technology essay topics can be, Cryptography and Computer Security, Computational Photography, Future of Social Media, 3-D Rendering Algorithms etc…

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letter of information technology scholarship essay prompt samples Information technology is the utilization of computers and software applications to manage information. It concerns with the process of storing, processing, protecting, saving, transmitting and eventually also retrieving of information as and when required. Information technology essay can be about any of these processes or the devices used for the process or skills required for it. suggests some topics for information technology essays.

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