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Help with Personal Statement - Netmums Having personal statement help is never a sign you’re a bad writer, it’s just a sign you’re a writer who aims at results on the first place. According to recent studies, help with personal statement results in 90% of applications being reviewed and successfully accepted. While students who didn’t use any help writing a personal statement are the subjects to only 30% of applications being approved.

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AK: We see more Application Packages, but the choice really depends on what type of assistance a candidate requires on her application. The Final Review Package is a good choice if an applicant has a finished draft and wants a thorough review of the application. Some candidates like receiving feedback from a reader before an admissions committee has the opportunity. Candidates often find it difficult to take a step back and objectively review what they’ve put together because they have lived and breathed their applications for such a long time. We put on our admissions officer hats and give the submission a thorough review. Our consultants evaluate the application’s overall impression as well as the individual components and give some very specific improvement suggestions. Candidates that are earlier on in the admissions process tend to select the School Application Package. They value assistance with application planning and timelines, school selection advice, help with personal statement structuring, candidate brand-building and recommender selection. Candidates typically choose either a School Application package or a Final Review package, not both.

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