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Im planning to buy a phn so i searched for LG L90, sony xperia xp micromax canvas 4.. which one is good?? you can suggest me other phones too.. My budget is 15k.. plz help me to buy a good I phone..

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My name is Derek James. I first found out about Advocacy Matters (Wales) from my social worker when I moved back to Cardiff from Tamworth in Staffordshire a little while after my father passed away. I moved back because I felt I was being treated very unfairly by my uncle up in Tamworth. My uncle was trustee for me but didn’t like me spending any of the money in the trust. My dad’s will said that I could use the money for my care and well being but that whatever was left after me would go to my uncle and his family anyway.

When I got back to Cardiff I was lucky enough to have the help of my auntie Sue and an old friend of mine Paul who is her nephew. I have been living with my friend, not far from my auntie who helps me a lot as well since I came back to Cardiff.

What my advocate has helped me to do is to have my trust transferred to another organisation down here (the Friendly Trust) away from my uncle and his family so that I can use it like I was meant to use it to help me to buy a house where I can live my life without worrying.

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now guys and glas, ladies and gentleman.... please please please help me to buy a pair of headphones.... Unfortunately I have no Korean friends so they can't help me to buy!! Please do let me know if you manage to find someone to help u buy! I'm really thankful if you could help me too :)

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Plz help me to buy a mobile or tab under 15k im totally confused between
1) Celkon Signature HD A119Q
2) Zen Ultrafone 701 HD
3) Intex Aqua i5 Quad Core
5) UMI X2
6) ZOPO ZP980
7) Xolo Q 700 or q800
8) Umi S1....plz help me which 1 is better?

Help me to buy a good & reliable laptop under 35k