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He wasn’t just a serial killer, he was a mission-oriented, hedonistic serial killer as he had a goal in mind, and that goal was going to benefit him. I also believe he was disorganised as he (if memory of the film serves) was quite opportunistic in his choice of victim, although the killing of the dentist seemed planned, but not very well… killing the dentist also makes him hedonistic as he eliminated romantic competition.

3. Hedonistic serial killer

There is a third type of hedonistic serial killer, the comfort killer, who’s motivation is material gain. This killer does not kill for sexual gratification, and as a result this type of murder is carried out quickly with no overkill. The crime scene is very controlled and the killer is careful not to leave any physical or forensic evidence.

The Hedonistic Serial Killer: Comfort Type 10

The hedonistic serial killer of the lust or thrill type is described as one Hedonistic: Hedonistic serial killers are driven by the thrill/rush, lust/sexual pleasure or gain (such as financial) brought on by murder. "Killing is an eroticized experience fueled by the linking of sex and violence in the developmental history of the offender," writes Jacqueline B. Helfgott (in her book Criminal Behavior - Theories, Typologies and Criminal Justice). Black widows fit into this category, such as Lydia Trueblood who killed five husbands and her baby daughter. Jeffrey Dahmer is another example of a hedonistic serial killer. His crimes involved the murder of 17 young men and boys coupled with rape and necrophilia.

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Hedonistic serial killers seek thrills and derive pleasure from killing, seeing people as expendable means to this goal. Forensic psychologists have identified three subtypes of the hedonistic killer: "lust", "thrill" and "comfort".

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The third type of serial killer is the hedonistic serial killer. Hedonistic serial killers derive pleasure— frequently, sexual pleasure—from the act of killing. In fact, many hedonistic serial killers include some type of sexual torture or abuse of their victims, either before or after the murder. One example of a hedonistic serial killer was Edmund Kemper, who in the early 1970s killed at least six young women whom he picked up while they were hitchhiking, as well as his mother, whose head he cut off and used as a dart board. Hedonistic serial killers include sexual sadists, as well as mysopeds (i.e., sadistic child killers).Hedonistic Thrill serial killers derive pleasure from which comes from the psychological component of blood lust. They are also known to taunt law enforcement by leaving notes, as they become addicted to the adrenaline they experience from evading the law. Unlike the Lust killer, there is no sexual component to their crime and their victims do not fit any distinct profile. The victims may or may not be stalked for a period of time but they will consistently be strangers to the Thrill serial killer. Unlike many other serial killer types, a Thrill killer generally has the ability to go long periods without committing new murders but are also more inclined to go on “sprees,” although the spree-behavior is more common in less intelligent serial killers and often lead to their arrest. Henry Lee Lucas was a notorious Hedonistic Thrill serial killer, traveling the United States to kill and then confessing to hundreds of homicides although he was only officially convicted of eleven. The Zodiac Killer, who is still of an unknown identity, was well known for sending letters to the police, some of which were cryptograms.