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List of illustrations General editors preface Preface INTRODUCTION The challenges of Hamlet - The challenge of acting Hamlet - The challenge of editing Hamlet - The challenge to the greatness of Hamlet: Hamlet versus Lear Hamlet in our time - The soliloquies and the modernity of Hamlet - Hamlet and Freud - Reading against the Hamlet tradition Hamlet in Shakespeares time - Hamlet at the turn of the century - The challenge of dating Hamlet - Was there an earlier Hamlet play? - Are there any early references to Shakespeares play? - Can we date Hamlet in relation to other contemporary plays? - Hamlets first performances The story of Hamlet - Murder most foul - An antic disposition - Sentences, speeches and thoughts The composition of Hamlet - The quartos and the Folio - The quartos - The First Folio - The relationship of Q2 to Q1 - The relationship of F to Q2 - What, then, of Q1? - Editorial practice - Why a three-text edition? Hamlet on stage and screen - Hamlet and his points - Enter the director - Hamlet and politics Novel Hamlets - Hamlet meets Fielding, Goethe, Dickens and others - Hamlet and women novelists - Prequels and sequels The continuing mystery of Hamlet THE TRAGICAL HISTORY OF HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK (The Second Quarto, 1604-5) Appendix 1: Folio-only passages Appendix 2: Textual discussion Appendix 3: Editorial conventions, sample edited passages and a comparison of scenes across the three texts Appendix 4: The act division at 3.4/4.1 Appendix 5: Casting Appendix 6: Music Abbreviations and references Abbreviations used in notes Works by and partly by Shakespeare Editions of Shakespeare collated Other works cited Index

in “To His Coy Mistress” Frailty, Thy Name is Hamlet: Hamlet and Women

Looking for a good mystery? Look no further than the novels and poems of your favorite classical author or poet. As an undergraduate English major, , a at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), studied the works of William Shakespeare, John Milton, Jonathan Swift, and others. Now, he has combined his knowledge of literature and medicine to write a book about the medical mysteries surrounding the lives and deaths of famous authors. His book, , was published in November 2012.

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Hamlet and Women Beware Women have concluded their run in rep at the Shakespeare Theatre Studios A group meeting was organized in every village and hamlet and women folk were explained the purpose of study and the methodology. A written consent was taken from all the eligible pregnant women in the vernacular language before collecting information. If a woman did not attend the antenatal clinic, antenatal care was given at home and consent was taken at home after explanation similar to the one given in the group meeting.

Shakespeare's Pathos and Portrayal of Women

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