How do I Write a Government Research Paper? (with pictures)

Avoid Topics that Aren’t Related to Government Issues – A government research paper is not the time to discuss how fantastic you think cats or, or how you feel about the latest blockbuster movie that everyone can’t stop raving about, and you can’t stand. Ensure that your topic is one hundred percent related to government issues and policies; picking a topic that is not completely related to the government will do nothing but confuse your reader and interrupt the flow of your paper.

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In this work, we have used knowledge visualization technologies to evaluate the global scientific production and trend of e-government research. It was found that the U.S. has the most cooperation, and its publication number and the centrality are now among the world's highest, while China has no large-scale domestic cooperation relations, and China's e-government research paper mainly come from the east and south part. The hotspots of the e-government research include the enhancement of e-government cross-sectorial collaboration, the construction of e-government, the security infrastructure design of digital government in a complicated environment, while the performance evaluation has become the research frontier in this field.

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American Government Research Paper (Project) Avoid Topics You aren’t Well-Informed About – Writing about topics that you know little to nothing about will do nothing but hinder you in writing your government research paper. Having a good knowledge of your topic will ensure that you can write a solid and convincing paper; picking a topic that is foreign to you will reflect in your writing, and the reader will be able to tell how little you know about it. This will lead to an unpersuasive and unreliable paper.

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By keeping these few tips in mind, you should be able to discern what kind of topics to avoid while writing your government research paper. Be sure to know your audience, avoid sensitive topics, avoid topics you aren’t knowledgeable about, and avoid topics that are not related to government issues.

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