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• Includes Grammar Activities from Great Explorations in Editing series. • Space Provided for Student to Write Corrected Version. • Special Glossary of Grammar Terms, Helps, and Examples Included. • Great Time Saver for the Teacher!

Glossary of Grammatical Terms

Students will track their progress through the program through the Bookshelf, a home screen that retains their scores on tests and records their progress through Lessons and Exercises. In addition, students will have access to an online Rules Index and a Glossary of grammar terms that they can use as references.

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Glossary of English Grammar Terms This is the main lesson menu. The top tabs lead to an Introduction, with an Alphabet workbook and sections on "Pronunciation and Stress", "How to use this CDRom" etc, and to a Resources section, with workbooks on "Numbers and Money", "Grammar Review - Verbs", "Grammar Review - Nouns", "Glossary of Grammar terms", "Word Lists", "Hints for Travellers", "Dictionary" etc.


, by Cheryl Pavlik, is the first in a three-level series (Level 1, Basic; 2, Intermediate; 3, High Intermediate to Advanced) that develops accuracy, fluency and deeper understanding of basic grammar concepts. The Student Book is a comprehensive selection of ten parts comprising 26 chapters, as well as a 'Before you begin' section (described below), 13 appendices, a glossary of grammar terms and an index. The Workbook (by Tay Lesley) provides extended practice for each chapter, a two-page review of each part (2-3 chapters) and removable answer keys. In the Teacher's Book (by Susan Iannuzzi), each chapter begins with a description or overview of the target grammar point, including caveats on common student problems and key form points to emphasize. This is followed by detailed notes to accompany the Student Book lessons and suggested additional activities to extend and reinforce the target language. Also included, as needed, are 'Troublespot' sections alerting teachers again to common student difficulties, and Cultural Notes. Finally, there are tapescripts and an answer key for the Student Book tasks.

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