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The Code's preamble stated, "crime will be shown to be wrong and that the criminal life will be loathed and that the law will at all times prevail." Villains could not be protagonists, and at the end, they had to be dead or in jail. Because gangster films were Hollywood's most profitable movies, the studios were faced with a dilemma.

For older gangster films you should also check out the original  with Michael Caine.

Gangster Films are focused on the power struggles within gangs rather than on the detective or police who try to stop them. The most typical movies are one’s where we see the character’s rise to power within the organization, followed by the betrayal and concluded by a murder. These types of films are not intended for young viewers. However they do not promote the idea of a gang or any related actions they do send that message that crime is dangerous

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American Gangster is a gritty and entertaining throwback to classic gangster films, with its lead performers firing on all cylinders. For flat out comedic British gangster films you can't go past . Not really about gangsters but criminals in London, it is the closest thing you will ever see to a Monty Python crime film.

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is a newer addition to the genre. Starring a bunch of older gentlemen British actors in the gangster world, it is a great movie about violence and revenge, but with a comic twist. It's weird how most British gangster films have comedy involved in them heavily.

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Despite valid arguments against the glorification of crime, gangster films are undeniably cool. You wouldn’t be reading this right now if they weren’t. Suits, guns, and an excess of money and power are attractive elements to many film fans, hence the genre has always been such a mainstay of cinema and its award ceremonies. ‘Cool’ is a vital element to any gangster movie, so it had to feature on our rating system.Gangster films typically focus on the power struggles within gangs rather than on the policemen who try to stop them (although there are exceptions, such as The Untouchables). The most common storyline depicts an individual's rise to power within the organization, followed by his betrayal and murder by the gang or being killed by police. This story offers a moral message against crime, while also permitting the audience to vicariously enjoy the gangster's exploits.