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II: Financial Statement Analysis of Samsung, Lockheed Martin and the RTL Group The following paragraphs will evaluate the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and...

We have reviewed the accompanying interim consolidated financial statements of Samsung

Better Coverage of the Accounting Cycle from Start to Finish:
• Chapter 1 introduces the accounting cycle with a brief financial statement overview, using the financial statements of Samsung. This first exposure to accounting explores financial statements in depth, familiarizes students with using real business data, and points out basic relationships between the different types of statements.
• Chapter 2 continues the discussion of the accounting cycle by explaining how to analyze and record basic transactions, and builds in repetition to ensure that students understand the fundamentals when they prepare the trial balance.
• Chapter 3 concludes the discussion of the accounting cycle with adjusting and closing entries, and preparation of the related trial balances to close the loop for students.
• Chapter 4 is a brand new chapter on the presentation of financial statements. Students are guided through how businesses communicate their financial results to their stakeholders through an annual report.

005930 Annual Balance Sheet - Samsung Electronics Co

We have reviewed the accompanying condensed consolidated interim financial statements of Samsung In this case study researcher discussed about financial ratio analysis of Samsung by using the financial statements of Samsung. Also focused on industry and competitor analysis of Samsung. The objective of this paper is find the profitability, liquidity and financial position of the Samsung to check the impact of these determinants on the market share of Samsung. This paper discuss the relationships of the different items in financial statements by conducting ratio, time series, and DuPont analysis. Although Samsung have several segments but this paper concentrated on the telecommunication segment of the Samsung Electronics because it generate major portion of Samsung’s revenue. To conduct this research the financial data of the Samsung up to 10 years is analyzed. The data is taken from the Annual Reports Samsung. Ratios are calculated for 10 years to check the trends in profitability, liquidity and return on equity. The results of this analysis shows that Samsung’s liquidity is positive and growing trend. The earnings are positive and profitability has positive trend. Samsung is less leveraged. Further research can be conducted on the rising issue of Samsung and its effect on the performance of the firm. The limitation of the research case is that it only focused on the financial aspects of Samsung performance. This research will be helpful for the mangers of the Samsung to analyze the financial performance of the firm, for investors who want to in invest in the stocks of the Samsung and students of finance will also benefited from this paper for their better understanding financial analysis and its practical implication.

Updated annual balance sheet for Samsung Electronics Co

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