How Feedback revision requests work

Many times when bad feedback has been left, it is possible to request a feedback revision. First, send a message to the buyer to apologise for whatever they were unahppy about, and offer a refund or replacement. Most will be responsive, and agree. At this point you can send a feedback revision request through eBay's feedback forum.

The number of Feedback revision requests that you're eligible for doesn't accumulate from year to year.

You can send a limited number of Feedback revision requests per calendar year. Eligibility for Feedback revision is based on the total number of Feedback ratings (positive + neutral + negative) you've received as a buyer and seller combined.

Submitting a Feedback revision request

What happens if I send a feedback revision request to a customer and if its not accepted or declined. If you’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of sales per month and get neutral and negative feedback on a regular basis, be careful to choose which feedback to fight for as you only have 5 feedback revision requests for any 1,000 feedback comments you get per year. By this I mean – always prioritize negative feedback and deal with that first – neutral feedback doesn’t affect your account in a direct way, so it’s less important. But in most cases, 5 requests per 1,000 is enough and if you’re going over that limit, chances are you’re not doing a very good on eBay in first place.

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If the buyer hasn't responded within 7 days, we'll automatically remind the buyer of the request. If the buyer responds, we'll let you know the buyer's decision immediately by email. If the 10-day window expires with no response from the buyer, we'll let you know by email that your Feedback revision request has expired. Sellers can only submit one request per transaction.

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We'll send the buyer an email that they have a Feedback revision request. The email will include your reason for requesting the revision and the message you wrote. The buyer has 10 days either to agree and revise the Feedback or disagree and state a reason.I've sent an email to the buyer, sent a feedback revision request to the buyer and contacted eBay customer service. Well, guess what! The buyer hasn't responded to my email or my feedback revision request.