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To conclude the second lesson while reinforcing the concept of supporting details,students were provided with examples of body paragraphs whose supporting details had beeneliminated leaving the topic and concluding sentences exclusively. The students were thenasked to read these sentences and work together in groups to determine appropriate facts,anecdotes, quotations, or evidence from investigation that would accurately support the mainidea of the paragraph. This information was then shared and discussed with the class as awhole.

Examples of body paragraphs:

These are all areas we will continue to work with today. The way to support students during this is to highlight each of these areas within examples of body paragraphs. They have had experience with these areas from previous writing assignments so the concepts are not new. Instead I show them each of the concepts in context of a document based question essay so they can then apply them to their own writing.

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Let's look at the following examples of body paragraphs to see how you compare and contrast two items using the point-by-point format

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For each step there is an explanation and example