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In Freud's view, perversion was a typical feature of normal sexual development: 'A disposition to perversions is an original and universal disposition of the human sexual instinct and no healthy person ... can fail to make some addition that might be called perverse' (Three Essays on Sexuality).

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essay on Critical Essay On Sexual Child Abuse This comprehensive volume explores the relationship between sex and the fantastic in science fiction and fantasy literature. More than a dozen scholars have contributed essays in which they discuss almost two hundred novels, short stories, tales, plays, poems, myths, and nearly one hundred authors--from Aldiss to Zelazny. The collection is divided into three main sections, the first of which is devoted to the theoretical analysis of the relationship between sexuality and the fantastic. This section contains essays on sexuality and the allure of fantasy, and sexuality and knowledge in science fiction. The second section turns to thematic analyses and includes essays that explore such themes as sexuality and death, forbidden sexuality, sexual attitudes and the search for ethics in contemporary culture, sex and technology, sexual encounters with aliens, sexuality and comedy, and homosexuality in fantasy and science fiction. The third section, devoted to feminist views of sexuality in fantastic literature, includes several studies of the depiction of sexuality in the works of female fantasists, and focuses most closely on Russ, Piercy, LeGuin, and Carter. Examined here is the potential use of science fiction as a vehicle for theorizing about women and for questioning their condition in society. The volume also includes an introductory overview and critical commentary on the literature and a comprehensive, contributor-compiled bibliography of primary works and scholarship on sexuality and related issues in fantastic literature.

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Yet as he begins the three essays on sexuality by introducing the two technical terms of "object" and "aim"—denoting respectively the person from whom the sexual attraction proceeds and the act toward which the instinct tends, the lines and the problems of his theory begin to emerge. Through this "scientifically sifted observa­tion,"17 Freud has separated the discussion of sexuality from the lan­guage of human relationships, and what gets lost in this sifting are the stories of his women patients.

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While the issues surrounding expression of sexuality become very important during adolescence, human beings are sexual throughout their entire lives although, at different points in life sexuality may manifest itself in different ways.Freud, S. (1905). Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality (1905). The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud, Volume VII (1901-1905): A Case of Hysteria, Three Essays on Sexuality and Other Works, 123-246