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Act and Gestalt psychology are highly empirical theories based on the German model of mental activity. ... Act PsychologyFounded by Franz Bretano (1838-1917) Act Psychology surfaced as an expression of psychology centering around the inseparable interaction of the individual and the environment. ... Act psychology is based on Brentano"s ideology of the science of psychic phenomena expressed as acts and processes. ... Like structuralism and functionalism, Gestalt psychology had a limited life span. ... It is suggested that the development of personality was determined by individual, unconscious...

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Wertheimer and Koffka died in the early 1940s; Köhler in 1967. Today, gestalt theory's influence in the field of psychology is unobtrusive in the sense that its findings have all been absorbed by more recent viewpoints and because most of the prominent gestalt psychologists have either retired or died. The notable exception is Arnheim, now in his early 90s, who continues to write provocative essays on psychology and art and whose latest book on art, a collection of essays titled The Split and the Structure, was published in 1996 .

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Offender profiling is a set of techniques used to try and identify perpetrators of a serious crime. Offender profiling will tend to use the expertise of a professional psychologist, although profilers come from different types of backgrounds because there is no specific training for the job. The profiler will draw on his knowledge of personality theory to attribute personality traits to the offender. The profiler will consider many elements when carrying out a profile, such as the crime scene, the offence, the sex of the victim and offender, body deposition site and the interaction style. These are just a few of the issues the profiler will consider. There are many different definitions of offender profiling today; according to Turco (1993) offender profiling is 'the preparation of a biological sketch, gathered from information taken at a crime scene, from the personal history and habits of a victim, and integrating this with known psychological theory'. However, other psychologists are much more sceptical of offender profiling, for example according to Harrower (2000), offender profiling is seen as the sexy speciality of forensic psychology largely as a result of Fitz in Cracker (TV drama). But the poetic license allowed in that TV series hasn't been particularly helpful to psychology as a discipline'.

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