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rancophone world and to enable students to formulate and express critical opinions derived from close textual analysis. Class discussion and essay writing in French are crucial components of the course and are weighted accordingly. Students enter this course with a high level of proficiency in French, and continue to develop their command of the language through reading, discussing and writing about literature. This course is conducted in French.

FRE 205, as principles of essay writing in French, with more emphasis on longer.

The Department of French and Italian is pleased to announce Ecrire sans frontières, the Essay Writing Competition for the 2010-2011 academic year. This competition is open to all undergraduate students studying French at Emory. Awards will be presented for the best essays written in French in two categories: students enrolled in beginning level (100-200) French classes, and advanced students enrolled in upper lever (300-400) French classes. All essays must be original. DEADLINE APRIL 15, 2011.

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increasing fluency, and developing appropriate rhetorical strategies for essay writing in French Building on the skills acquired during the time studying in a Francophone country, this module will aim to increase proficiency in the practice of different styles of French, both written and spoken. It will also enable students to master the techniques of extended essay writing in French. The content of the module will focus on the recent debates surrounding the legacy of France’s colonial past such as its impact on contemporary French society and the evolving notions of national identity.

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This semester, students will focus on the notion of identity and identities in France: the symbols of the Republic, its cultural and ethnic minorities and its regional vs. urban identities. They will work more on register (situationally appropriate language), develop listening skills through listening to the news and develop French writing skills through an introduction to short essay writing in French.

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