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An essay rough draft refers to the writer’s initial attempt to put his/her thoughts or ideas into final form. This implies that it assumes that the writer has sufficient data and understanding, is almost done or at the final phase of collecting information and have finished an exercise in prewriting.

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Nixon was clearly guilty of the Watergate Scandal. Evidence supporting his guilt strongly disproves his innocence. Nixon committed high crimes and deserves to be impeached. No person should be above the law and even presidents are still accountable for their actions. Nixon accepted bribes, which he used for his financial gain. He abused his power as president and he obstructed justice by misusing federal agencies, implementing wiretaps, break-ins, and violating office to see that laws are taken through. By this, he deceived American citizens. Nixon is guilty for his crimes and should be impeached for them.
Nixon committed high crimes, including briberies, and used federal money to buy his private estate. If he committed crimes, and was any other person than the president, he would go to jail. The president applies to laws too and should be treated the same way as any other citizen. Instead of accepting the briberies as campaign contributions, Nixon used them for personal gains. Nixon was well aware of the scandals occurring because he tried to cover them. If he was not aware, he would not have attempted to hide the scandal. The attempt to cover up the scandal was an infringement of the rights of all American citizens.. The corporations donated money to illegally benefit themselves. These contributions benefited Nixon by financing his home and securing his victory in the next election.

Nixon approved the plumber’s actions and he ordered the wiretapping which was a misuse of presidential power. Although Erlichman appeared to be at fault, everything Erlichman did was for the personal benefit of Mr. Nixon. The public spent 400 millions because of the scandal. Nixon was involved in the scandal and dealt with illegal money because his money was laundered in a Swiss bank. If the contributions were legal, there would be no reason to launder them. In exchange for money, Nixon dro...

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