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I really do not think that it is fitting to write essays on subjects that you do not properly understand and then post them on the net simply causing confusion. Your essay on Utilitarianism was most misleading containing many misunderstandings of the thesis. If students were to read this it would confuse and misinform. Please either research your pieces properly or stick to subjects on which you are qualified to write.

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Free Essay on Utilitarianism There is no question of the important status of ethics in the majority of societies. The politics of today reinforce the prominent position of ethics through people like John Major and Tony Blair, illustrating a preoccupation with moral behaviour. Through many centuries moral philosophers have continually attempted to produce a suitable…

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Spock, the logic comes from John Stuart Mill's essay on utilitarianism “Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” While the quote famously comes from Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, the logic comes from John Stuart Mill’s essay on utilitarianism.

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In an essay on utilitarianism I do not need to know the Bentham/Mill pedigree of the theory. In an essay on Descartes, I do not need to know where he was born, and how long he served in the army. I do not need to know the dates of the births and deaths of all and sundry. This is all pointless, useless information that does not motivate me towards your conclusion. Is Kant dying in 1804 going to make me more likely to believe state sponsored executions are wrong? No. Is Wittgenstein getting into a poker armed argument with Popper going to make me more likely to accept logical atomism? No. All useless historical information. Whenever I read such things I just end up seeing instead "I hate Nikk. I want him to read lots of pointless information that doesn't have anything to do with my argument. Please mark my essay accordingly".

The preceding quote might sound odd in an essay on utilitarianism