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2. Read an interview and an essay on Native Americans and the railroad. Then read about the impact of the transcontinental railroad. The federal government acquired extensive western lands from Native Americans by treaty. Some of these lands were later granted to the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroad companies as partial payment for constructing the Transcontinental Railroad. The railroad companies, in turn, sold land they had been granted by the federal government to private companies and individuals, who used the land for homes and businesses. As a class, create a chart that outlines the different policies the federal government could have pursued with regard to western lands and the transcontinental railroad and the likely benefits and costs of each policy. Your goal should be to find a policy that will bring the greatest benefits (and the least harm) to both the United States and the Indian nations of the West.

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From history Native Americans are known to have suffered a lot. Under the European settlers Native Americans have gone through tremendous suffering and pain. The Native Americans history is perhaps filled with pain and sufferings. Your professor has assigned you to write an essay on Native Americans, where do you begin from? Every student is capable of writing a Native American essay. The only thing that needs to help you is the history of the Native Americans. Begin by researching on who native Americans are?

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