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Manifest Destiny represented the forward-looking outlook of a young expanding nation, the United States. However, some of the other inhabitants of North America (specifically, the Mexicans and the Indians) saw themselves and the world around them in very different terms. In this activity, students will examine the power of the different perspectives among the Americans, the Mexicans and the Indians. After exploring this topic through readings and video clips, students will write essays on Manifest Destiny from the perspective of the Mexicans and Indians.

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Now that the students have a grasp of these differing perspectives, remind them again of the meaning of Manifest Destiny: it is the belief that North America was meant by God to be settled and governed by Anglo-Saxon Americans. Then have the students write a short one or two-page essay on Manifest Destiny from the perspective of either the 19th century Mexicans or Indians. Tell the students that the perspective from which they are writing should be made clear in their essays, meaning that they should incorporate what they have learned about the Mexican or Indian perspectives rather than simply treating Manifest Destiny from a generic outlook.

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