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If you were writing an essay on homeless people in Chicago, all the works you consulted (articles, studies, books, statistics, charts, graphs, and interviews) would be listed in your Bibliography or Works Consulted. Let's say that a reader was interested in homelessness in Chicago; that person would consult your Bibliography or Works Consulted to find out where to find information on this issue. In contrast, Works Cited, References, or Sources at the end of your paper would tell the reader just the sources you specifically cited.

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A photo essay on drug users… um… what next? a photo essay on homeless people? Please… this has been done to death if you’ll excuse the pun. Can we try something new please? Doing a photo essay on drug users is like writing an essay on what I want to be when I grow up. I love Tony’s work.. but not this. Its just too easy…. to do a photo essay on drug users and not getting a decent picture wouldn’t be that hard. NEXT essay please.

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accounting assignment help online · buy essay online for cheap · narrative essay prompts 5th grade · essay in community service · essay on homeless people An alternative to a summary is a restatement of the idea of your thesis statement of the idea of your thesis statement. Here is another concluding paragraph for the essay on homeless people:

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Often, a concluding paragraph is most effective when you add a final comment to a summary or a restatement or both. Look at yet another alternative to the original concluding paragraph for the essay on homeless people.

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