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Hazing is an abusive and destructive practice found on high school and college campuses and in organizations across the nation and worldwide. Hazing often robs people of their dreams and ability to trust in others and tragically robs many of their lives. Hazing can be subtle or violent. It is about power disguised as an event to create unity. The psychology of hazing is complex, but one thing is certain - the effects of hazing are deep and long lasting.

Have you considered the psychological effects of hazing — the hidden harms?

This 15-minute documentary, produced by the Clery Center, interweaves personal experiences of victims and their families to illustrate the effects of hazing and to inspire students to create safer campus communities. The documentary addresses both how to recognize hazing and how to take realistic steps to prevent hazing on campus.

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effect of fraternity hazing If a member witnesses an act of hazing and does nothing, he iscondoning the act and enabling the disease to grow. You may also be foundguilty by association if you do not report the incident. Contact youralumni chapter officers, alumnus advisor, province president, Greek advisor, or a Phi Kappa Thetanational staff member to assist you in stopping it. Education andunderstanding are key to solving the problem. Educate your brothers on thenegative effects of hazing and realign the chapter with Phi Kappa Theta's zerotolerance policy.

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The ripple effects of hazing: If hazing is uncovered, the entire school community may be affected. Coaches may lose their jobs, sports teams’ seasons may be abruptly canceled, athletic scholarships are likely lost, and schools’ reputations may be tarnished.

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This video on the psychological effects of hazing was made for my college social psychology class presentation project. Fraternities and sororities can absolutely be an awesome lifelong positive experience. However, the act of hazing without limits is where the problem lies. "Hazing Gone Too Far..."Becoming a part of the social contract of a brotherhood involves hazing. Hazing is not always chugging alcohol and staying up late at night, which is considered what it is by most people. Instead, it involves activities as a pledge class that brings the group together. During times of hazing, one may feel like they have no one to reach out to, except your pledge class brothers. During activities that the group does together, each individual beings to trust one another where it increases the accountability of one another. These activities make individuals learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Everyone always helps each other out when your pledge brother needs it the most. Going through hazing allows pledges to show that they will consent to the social contract of the brotherhood. It is a way to generate initial consent, which is the process into the social contract. When in middle school or high school, it might take all those years to know everything about some of your best friends, but in a pledge class, it only takes a semester to know everything about everyone, which is why hazing and pledge activities are alright because it makes the most out of joining the social contract of a fraternity. Amy Qualls states in an article, “When you haze someone, you see how much they can take, and how loyal they are to the group. Through these “tests” imposed on the new members, cohesion and positive conformity to the group can grow, and bring the group closer together. Hazing is almost a way of humbling someone: it puts them in their place and makes them equal to everyone else in the group.” This article,, gives the positive and negative effects of hazing. The positive effects explain that hazing makes people show respect towards others and does not keep people from being overly confident about everything they do. From this, pledges learn respect towards others and form equality between each other. Locke would agree that this explicit consent is required. But from these acts of hazing to enter the fraternity, there is great enjoyment in the end.