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Although technology offers us great tools to teach children, in some cases these tools aren’t used efficiently, and so we can see the negative effects of video games on children. The truth is that these games are fun and they can entertain the children for hours, but they are known to have negative impacts also.

In considering the effects of video games on children and which games to give your kids, here are three tips to keep in mind.

A female reported these summaries from studies on children and video game effects. I would refer you to the studies themselves for evidence of the effects of video games on children.

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In order to avoid the negative effects of video games on children, the parents have to set rules and they shouldn’t make any exceptions. Emes, C. E. (1997). Is Mr. Pac Man eating our children? A review of the effect of video games on children. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 42, 409-414.

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Moreover, you can call a local psychologist or school counselor to obtain more insights on child development. You even ask a neurologist or a pediatrician for expert citation for this research paper. How you can forget web for making search over the effect of video games on Children. The scholarly articles, textbooks and experts assistance is available online.

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Not to worry, I created a post about the positive effects of video games on children, too. . There is also a link to this article under the Related Topics section of this post…Until scientists establish a direct causal relationship between video game play and behavioral changes, the debate around the pros and cons of playing video games will continue. Where do you sit in this debate? Have you noticed any effects of video games on you or your children? What can and should we, as a society, do to address the negative effects of video games on children? Or are parents alone responsible? Please leave your opinions below.Hundred of pieces of medical and social science research (both published and unpublished) currently address the effects of video games on children. But it is difficult to find objective information about video games when looking at the studies. Personal interests and bias exist throughout the research as those on both sides of video game debate claim that scientific literature supports their opinions. Therefore, we propose to outline four common claims from both sides of the video game debate here to help you make sense of it all.Video games are entertaining and effective motivation for children. They engage them to skillful play depending on the game design. There have even been studies with adults showing that experience with video games is related to better surgical skills. Research also suggests that people can learn iconic, spatial, and visual attention skills from video games. Although this fad benefits to all but on the other hand, it also give negative effects especially to those children who are getting addicted to it. Studies show that children’s video game habits are contributing to the risk factors for health, behavior and poor academic performance. It was also reported that girls and boys play for an average of about 5-13 hrs/ week. Some children spend more hours that what is reported. There were negative effects of video games on children's physical health, including obesity, video-induced seizures. and postural, muscular and skeletal disorders, such as nerve compression, and carpal tunnel syndrome that were documented by the research. However, these effects are not likely to occur for most children.