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While editing an essay, a proofreader should be as consistent as possible. Aside from correcting basic errors, the editor should use the same terminology and structural patterns as the writer so that differences do not stick out in the text. Additionally, an editor must also be consistent with spelling. If the document was written in American English, it's not useful to randomly use British English.

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James Maroney, director, First Choice College PlacementThe college admissions essay should represent a student's best work, so it is acceptable to have others edit the essay. I would recommend that several people look at the essay, and see if after reading it they get a sense that the essay really represents the person who wrote it. While it is OK to edit, and make suggestions for improving, the essay should be the student's own work and in the student's unique voice. So, editing an essay is permissible, but writing an essay for a student or significantly rewriting an essay is not.

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I'm in the process of writing and editing an essay for college applications There are many elements that must come together to create an excellent essay. The topic should be clear and interesting. The author’s voice should come through, but not overwhelm, the piece. And there should be no errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capitalization. Another element that is sometimes overlooked when editing an essay, but is just as important as the previous elements mentioned, is organization. An organized essay is clear, focused, logical and effective.

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Our company provides thorough edit essay and essay proof reading services. You have already heard that it is very important to proofread every written piece you need to submit. Proofreading is very important because it is the best way and the only way to polish your writing. You can ask your friends, Edit my essay or proofread my essay. Sure, you may have smart friends who are willing and able to help you. Nevertheless, your friends are not professional editors able to proofread essays as thoroughly as we do. You are welcome to rely on our editing essay and proofreading essay services.

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Once a college student has completed an essay, paper, case study, research project, or any other type of written assignment, there is always a sigh of relief. Another major assignment has been completed, and that constitutes one more hurdle jumped on the way to that degree. Completing the work, however, cannot be the end of the assignment, because the crucial task of reviewing and editing must be accomplished. Editing an essay or paper is often the ignored step of a student’s work, because s/he simply relies on the spell and grammar check features of the utilized word processing program. While these automated checks can certainly be helpful, they do not perform the other critical features of a true editing process. Overall structure, fluency, language usage and style, etc. cannot be reviewed by an automated program. These things, which will make the difference between a mediocre and superior grade, can only be accomplished by humans, and these humans should not be the original authors of the works. Student authors are too close to the work and may not see glaring errors that others will find. Undoubtedly, edit services as well as proofread services are essential. The main task is not to edit and proofread (to check grammar and spelling errors in your essay) but to carry out comprehensive critical analysis of the essay content and format and to improve your writing. Edit and proofread essays means critical evaluation of content with the purpose to eliminate shortcomings impacting the overall quality of your essay. We work with professionals only who know how to edit and proofread academic essays. When our specialists edit essays or proofread, they strive to create masterpieces of written word. We are devoted to your satisfaction with our edit essay services.