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WTS tutors can help non-native speakers of English better understand the rules and conventions of writing academic papers in English. We even have tutors who specialize in helping international students, and all of our tutors have attended training sessions on how to help people who speak English as a second language. Our tutors are happy to read drafts for clarity and discuss ways to communicate your ideas more clearly. We can’t proofread, correct, or edit your paper for you. We can, however, help you become a better proofreader of your own writing by pointing out consistent mistakes and suggesting strategies for correcting and avoiding those kinds of errors in the future. We don’t offer lessons in English grammar or practice with conversational English. Our focus is on helping students with specific writing projects.

A not so gentle hint: it is an utter waste of time to edit a paper before you revise it!

Editors are an important role in the writing/publishing and editing paper process. When someone offers to edit your paper online and reads your material, they will get far more from it if the writing is flawless. Take for example a body of fiction work that requires the reader to be able to suspend disbelief long enough to become fully immersed in the narrative of your story. A major interruption to this full immersion is when the reader is stopped by the constant grammatical error, poor wording chooses, misspelling, and lack or of misuse of punctuation. It is like trying to watch a TV show through static without a digital antenna to translate the signal. The end result is a reader who is either less than enthused about the material being read, or worse: A reader who lacks total interest in what you have written.

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Edit my paper for me. We will edit and write your paper for you. Custom writing and editing. Selected through a rigorous assessment process, all of our academic editors are professional, experts and qualified to edit academic papers on any subject or topic within 24 hours. For every academic paper editing, an individual professional editor is assigned according to h/her field of study.

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Editing a paper is similar. It is a good stage because it means that you are close to completion. You are putting the "finishing touches" on your paper. It is also an important step to take seriously... Mistakes made in this stage will show a lack of follow through. Good editors will go far in life.

No, we do not "fix" or edit papers for students

We are capable to edit research papers and essays written on diverse topics, at the earliest possible date. We are striving to guarantee the best paper edit service which can satisfy even the most demanding customers and even the most impatient professors! Moreover, we know how expensive the writing and editing help can be. That is why our company provides students with the most affordable prices, offering discounts and bonuses for regular clients. Our service is absolutely safe and trusted! Now, don’t get it wrong – there are plenty of those who want to edit your paper. However, only a small part of them will do it properly and at an affordable price. Luckily, this company belongs to that minority.