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The development of writing is considered one of the most important advances of civilization. The earliest forms of writing were simple symbols and marks, used to keep accounts and inventories. Some cultures developed pictographic symbols to tell stories and record events. Eventually, complete systems of writing were developed, capable of conveying any thought that can be expressed orally. At this point, scribes replaced the oral historian as the chief keepers of records. Writing allowed the presentation of information in a form that could be reliably transmitted from person to person and made it possible for ideas, history, and knowledge to be stored permanently and passed between cultures and more reliably than oral recitation.

The earliest forms of writing were developed in Sumer and Egypt, by about 3000 B

Mapping also represents the interplay of society and technology as mapping technologies, ranging from the earliest forms of writing to modern satellite imaging and web-based social networks, spring from and play out in a social context.

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Indeed, some of the earliest forms of writing and accounting come from Sumerian me Writing, according to researchers' estimates, developed only recently in terms of human history (Schmandt-Besserat, 1978). Oral cultures dominated the early history of humankind, and primary oral cultures saw the development of much of the knowledge that made possible the future flowering of the great human civilizations. These great civilizations grew hand-in-hand with writing, the second great Information Revolution. About 5000 years ago the earliest forms of writing were developed in Sumeria (Schmandt-Besserat, 1978).

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Cuneiform is one of the earliest forms of writing, appearing in the Middle East around 3000 BCE. Symbols were impressed into clay tablets using a stylus. Many forms of cuneiform were developed by a number of cultures over approximately three millennia, until other forms of writing came into use.

Language existed long before writing, ..