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Having issues with the temporary dog pack. We have a 11yrF-18lb Lhasa(rescued, untrained, barker, growler,lazy,doesn’t like toys, narcistic dog we have had for 6yrs and 11yrM-11lb YorkiePoodle since a pup (submissive, ocd licker, hyper, now diabetic and developing tumor) Recently, my college daughter rescued a 5yrF-42lb Shepherd Mix on 5/9/12. The dog will be staying until 8/19/12. Great dog. Just after her 1st wk w us she went into heat. Therefore, planning to get her spayed in August. We have had dog fights because my Lhasa just con’t s to growl at the Shepmix in passing. Both dogs are fighting for my attention. My husband, daughter & myself all help w managing daily care. My question, is it ok to be treating the dogs all differently because of their physical abilities/personalities? My dogs sleep in separate crates in the basement but my daughter’s dog sleeps in her room. We feed her dog in a separate area and avoid giving treats randomly because of the diabetic dog. We walk the dogs together 2-3x a day. Her dog and the Lhasa can walk w/o leashes but I never allow the Yorkie because he runs away. Her dog needs and enjoys more exercise. She loves going in the car. So we only take her to the park, for runs or for car rides. She even swims in our pool. Is it healthy to have different relationships w each dog?

Most people see two dogs fighting and their instinct is to run in the middle and take both dogs by the collar and try to separate them.

The search warrant was executed after investigators received tips that numerous dogs were showing signs of bite marks and other injuries associated with dog fighting on the property. Tools and equipment commonly used in training dogs for fighting was also seized from the property.

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This is a multi-page article were I tell you how to stop a dog fight and stop dogs from fighting. My wife is about to have a nervous breakdown over these dogs fighting, and she wants me to get an electronic collar to ‘zap’ the doberman every time she looks at the terrier. I hope that there is a solution to this problem, because I cant bear to get rid of either of these dogs. I dont want the next fight to be worse. The terrier is the one that always gets beat up. How can I prevent it from happening again? Do I need to just constantly keep the two of them separated at ALL times now? Please help. It’s driving me and my family crazy trying to keep the peace.

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I have (2) 1 year old male dogs from the same liter (brothers). They are a mix of breeds. Treeing walker coonhound, husky and english shepard mix. My husband and I had them ever since they were 8 weeks old and they just turned 1. We havent had any issues with them other than the basic puppy things such as: chewing, nibble here and there, barking. With in the past 2-3 months they have had a few fights where blood was involved. Neither of them have got seriously hurt or anything but I am worried one of these times something very serious and bad will happen to one of them. I have tryed spraying/dumping water on them, i also tryed putting about 20 dimes in a water bottle and throwing it right near them. NOTHING seems to break them up or stop them from fighting. My husband and I bought muzzles and that works but we cant keep them on 24/7. One day our dogs will be fine and the next day they are fighting non stop. Do you thinking getting them neutered will stop this from happening? I need all the answers and suggestions i can get. This is causing my husband and I so much stress with constantly dealing with our dogs fighting. We are about to have nervous break downs. We do not want to get rid of either dog if there is ways to solve this.

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