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Many people see the death penalty as unjust or morally wrong. If you look at it from a basic point of view that's been around since the ancient Greeks and Romans, "An eye for an eye". In modern day society, I believe the dealth penalty should be used for only people who muder, rape, both, or goes on a spree either one or both ways. These actions are inhuman and deserve punishment. When someone murders/rapes someone, all human rights of that person is lost, because such actions are unethical. One way of looking at people who do such things, no matter what the reason, is to see them less as a person more as a dangerous, rabid animal that needs to be put down. It isn't wrong to quickly execute a prisoner who has committed such actions and proven 100% guilty.

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John kicks the discussion off by laying out two key questions about the death penalty. The first question is whether the death penalty would be justified in an ideal state where the justice system worked perfectly. The second question is whether in the real world, racism and classism make the death penalty unjust.

The death penalty is unjust and inhuman

Letter, 5/17: Death penalty unjust : Opinion - Journal Star In his speech made in 1791 Robespierre condemns the death penalty unjust and uneffective. In this speech he goes into detail on the reasons why the death penalty should no longer be used. This is before his true gain of power and illustrates just the amount of change occurrs.

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I think this is where I would say that if one innocent person is killed by the justice system then the whole system is a failure. Again, I think human life is intrinsically valuable and your argument, even though you are not attributing it to retribution is basically the definition of retribution. There are many factors involved that make the death penalty unjust. In fact, executing a prisoner ultimately costs tax payers more than life imprisonment without parole due to all the legal costs associated with the trial and subsequent appeals. What then? Should we just deny convicted murderers any appeals? The death penalty brutalizes society in an effort to remove brutal elements and cowers to the masses demand to be sated with blood. Ultimately, I didn’t endow anyone with life and don’t see myself as being an ultimate judge charged with taking life.

the death penalty is unjust and unfair.