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Everywhere, there are symbols of defiance. Near the upside-down flag stands a David and Goliath sculpture in stone and tin of two mismatched warriors facing off. A street sign declares, "We're staying here," while a billboard laments, "700 years of history would go up in smoke." ...

JERUSALEM - MAY 05 2015:David and Goliath sculpture at the Tower of David and jerusalem may 05 2015 david..

David and Goliath Bronze Sculpture After Donatello 17 1/2H x 6 1/2W x 6 1/2D 20 lbs. This bronze sculpture was produced using the "Lost Wax" casting method. The "Lost Wax" Cast method is the most precise metal casting technique in existence, ensuring exquisite detail of the original host model which is usually sculpted in clay or wax. This "Lost Wax" casting method is an extremely labor intensive and expensive process, but the end results produce a Heirloom Quality Masterpiece!

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Port Olímpic; View of Vila Olímpica and the twin towers; David and Goliath sculpture in Vila Olímpica; Port Olímpic; View of Vila Olímpica and the twin towers. The rehabilitation of the republican dead has included the restoration of plots in cemeteries and erection of monuments. Those to the International Brigades include the David and Goliath sculpture in Barcelona (unveiled in 1988) and a monument in San Martin de la Vega (unveiled in 1994). This belated recognition of the defeated has not usually been accompanied by attempts at inclusive commemoration. A memorial erected in Santander in 1995 is unusual in being dedicated to the dead of both sides.

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