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Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is a man who keeps losing things that are important to him, despite his compulsion to give everything he has to the city of Gotham, and regardless of how they reciprocate. In the trilogy, he becomes the Batman in order to serve and protect Gotham, to be a symbol of what its people need to stand up for. As he states many times in the trilogy, he's whatever Gotham needs him to be. When you boil it down, Batman is merely a costume, a shield to protect the man behind it and the people he cares about. If you were wondering the Dark Knight Rises features the least amount of the actual Batman, despite having the longest run-time of the three films, this is why. The main character of the trilogy isn't Batman. It's Bruce Wayne. He's the true "Dark Knight", the one who lurks in the shadows of, quite frankly, himself. And if that wasn't obvious after the first couple of films, it's plainly obvious with this one.

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***To download this theme all you have to do is go to Cydia, search for The Dark Knight Rises theme, the Author should say yours truly "Vogue" just install, Then go to winterboard select, respring, and enjoy !

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