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Reaching Out Against Road Rage, or R.O.A.R.R., is a non-profit organization designed to fight the growing danger of road rage among the highways and byways of our nation.

Mission Statement
The mission of R.O.A.R.R., Inc. is to provide support resources for victims and their families and educational tools to help communities reduce the destructive impact of aggressive driving and road rage throughout the United States.

Values Statement
R.O.A.R.R., Inc is an organization of integrity with a commitment to cummunicating the dangers of road rage and empowering its victims and their families.

Vision Statement
R.O.A.R.R., Inc. will be a global organization with a recognizable brand and the administrative capacity to provide educational and support services that encourage the elimination of road rage and helps its victims heal.

R.O.A.R.R., Inc. strategic plan for 2014-2016, focus on three major areas:
• Public Awareness and education;
• Victim services and support; and
• Organizational development

A woman driving in West Palm Beach was confronted by a man who smashed her window with a crowbar, highlighting the dangers of road rage,

The purpose of this research was to measure the potential for driving anger of the general driving public in the United States, and to determine the overall prevalence of driving anger within the transportation system. These were important measures because they are critical to the increased understanding of the true dangers of road rage, and the driving situations that are most likely to trigger it.

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6 tips to avoid the dangers of road rage - NY Daily News There was nothing particularly new in the RTE programme 'Mean Streets' or Mayo County Council's 'Blueprint' for road rage. Professional driving instructors have been endeavouring to impart the attitude skills and behavioural skills for years and stress the dangers of road rage and retaliation etc. Road rage is a relatively new word in the motorists' repertoire. we used the expression 'bad manners' years ago and still do. Many experts consider that the attitude skill is the key factor. No matter how good your motor or cognitive skills are, it's vitally important to possess the positive attitude skill. It's good that that the various media types and road safety organisations keep plugging the message.

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"We're just hoping to raise awareness about the dangers of road rage and the consequences of people's actions who get behind the wheel and drive with road rage," Donna Gerrish said. "Obviously, it kills."

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