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In the Tri-City area, residents are at risk of experiencing hunger; a lot of them are children. With the current state of our economy, demand for our services is rapidly increasing.

perhaps those of us who are still edgy about the current state of our economy will relax

Since it is widely perceived that the current state of our economy was precipitated by the mortgage crisis, CORE feels that in order for all American citizens to be able to fully enjoy the many opportunities available in our country, they must be financial literate, knowledgeable of the choices they have & aware of the potential pitfalls that exist. For this reason the organization has brought our Financial Literacy Choice & Awareness campaign to the great state of Nevada. Our free monthly seminars and workshops will be crucial to solving the poverty of information that surrounds the financial world.”

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Investors aren't looking at the current state of our economy or even future corporate earnings There are ~100,000 fewer individuals building houses today than there were in April 1988 yet the US population at 320 million in 2015 is 31% larger than the 244.5 million in April 1988. This says volumes about the current state of our economy, what has happened to home lending, what our perceptions are about income equality, US Real GDP and the next few years of SP500 price performance.

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Are you worried about having enough money to last during your retirement years? Anxious about the possibility of poor health and resulting ruinous bills for medical or long-term care expenses? Wondering how you can enjoy your “golden years” and whether your life will have meaning and purpose?
You're not alone. Thousands of people around the country are worried about how they're going to make it during retirement, especially given the current state of our economy.
There’s no use hiding the fact that we face significant challenges to our retirement years. Rather than being depressed about this, I’d rather move forward as best as we can, using strategies and techniques that are practical and realistic. If this sounds good to you

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Given this favorable outlook, I like to turn now to the current state of our economy and the likely impact of the current international financial turbulence on our economy. That is to say: looking ahead, how does the consequent drop in the US interest rate affect our economic developments? The economy of Curacao is finally picking up after a marginal annual average growth rate of 0.3% in real terms since the end of the economic recession in 2001. Economic growth increased to 1.4% in 2006 and a further acceleration is expected in 2007. The inflation rate remained stable at 3.0%, which is relatively high as a result of the impact of the rising world oil prices. The stronger growth was translated in an improvement of the labor market. The unemployment rate started to decline from its peak of 18.2% in 2005 to 12.0% in 2007. Youth unemployment declined also during this period from 44.0% to 24.2%. Although this decline is more than welcome, I think the fact that almost a quarter of our youth is unemployed remains unacceptable.With the current state of our economy, it’s interesting to note the positive effects of unlikely activities, such as commercial and recreational saltwater fishing. According to a recent released by NOAA’s Fisheries Service, commercial and recreational fishing generated $185 billion in sales for the U.S. economy and supported more than two million jobs in 2006, the latest statistics available.