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FOR 332 Assessment of critique of journal article stage for the research question using literature beyond that available from reading the article being critiqued

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So your assignment is to critique a journal article. This handout will give you a few guidelines to follow as you go. But wait, what kind of a journal article is it: an empirical/research article, or a review of literature? Some of the guidelines offered here will apply to critiques of all kinds of articles, but each type of article may provoke questions that are especially pertinent to that type and no other. Read on. First of all, for any type of journal article your critique should include some basic information: 1. Name(s) of the author(s) 2. Title of article 3. Title of journal, volume number, date, month and page numbers 4. Statement of the problem or issue discussed 5. The author’s purpose, approach or methods, hypothesis, and major conclusions. The bulk of your critique, however, should consist of your qualified opinion of the article. Read the article you are to critique once to get an overview. Then read it again, critically. At this point you may want to make some notes to yourself on your copy (not the library’s copy, please). The following are some questions you may want to address in your critique no matter what type of article you are critiquing. (Use your discretion. These points don’t have to be discussed in this order, and some may not be pertinent to your particular article.) 1. Is the title of the article appropriate and clear?

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Writing a critique on journal article gives the piece a description of its nature Baycrest, University of Toronto
How to Critique Journal Articles in Psychiatry – Evidence-Based Medicine Seminar, 2009-2010, 2-3 hours/year, overall rating 4.5/5

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In analyzing and critiquing journal articles, students are asked to identify elements of the article and classify them according to key ideas, key assumptions, key theories, key experiments, and key results. Students then continue to analyze the article by asking such questions as:PAS 6201–Capstone Project
Course focuses on applying evidence-based medicine principles to a patient case study or original research. The emphasis of the project will be on formulating a clinical question, summarizing background information about the medical topic, conducting an extensive literature search about the topic, and critiquing journal articles on the topic. The goal of the project is to answer the clinical question utilizing current research and guidelines, and then apply it to the patient case or research. This is partially an independent study course with required written assignments due at scheduled intervals throughout the clinical curriculum phase of the program. The course will conclude with a classroom portion in which an oral presentation of the project utilizing Power Point, a written EBM paper, and a written journal article for potential submission will be required for course completion.