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Organizing your critique research papers - English Interactive The thing is that when you critique a research paper, you are not supposed just to express your feelings as if you have watched a cheap soap opera. Your major mission boils down to shedding light on the author’s mistakes, inaccuracies, and ways to improve them as well as on the strong sides of someone’s work.

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Organization of your critique research paper is important as it helps to present evidence in a structured manner for easy reading and clarification. Such research papers may work to critique some form of work that was previously done by another writer or creator. A journal, theory, or book may be evaluated by the student and then they write down their thoughts about what they reviewed. In other words, the author’s argument may be challenged by the student.

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A critique research paper is a little different than the other research papers that you have written in the past. It focuses on the effectiveness of the topic that you are researching. This works great for methods, new ideas, and things of this nature. For example, maybe you want to write about a new method of drawing blood. You will research the method and then write a paper about it.