Assignment: Critique a Journal Article (due May 1st)

The DART Summer Research Fellowship (), supported by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (R25 DA020537; PIs: Back & Brady), provides students with the opportunity to work closely with a research mentor and investigative team. During the program, students assist with a specific, identified research project and gain experience in research-related activities, including conducting literature searches, working collaboratively with a multidisciplinary team of investigators, data collection, data entry, and statistics. Students participate in a weekly seminar series that includes topics, such as, human subjects protection and research ethics, how to critique a journal article, poster preparation and presentation, commonly used statistical tests, and database management. In addition, an informal luncheon is held weekly to encourage information exchange among students and foster networking and future collaborations. During the luncheon, students provide updates on their projects and share with the group what they are learning. At the end of the summer, students give a formal poster presentation of their research and all faculty and trainees in the Department are invited to attend. Students receive a nominal stipend for their research work.

• Must be able to critique a journal article and rate the evidence level

EducationalActivities: The student will perform independent patient examinations. Each new andreturning patient will be presented to an attending including pertinentfindings, assessment and diagnostic and treatment plan. The attending willconfirm and discuss the findings and appropriateness of the assessment,diagnostic tests and treatment modalities. They will be taught how tointerpret some of the common tests performed by an allergist/immunologist. Thestudent is responsible for reading about the common conditions seen by anallergist/immunologist. Most students will present and critique a journalarticle at the weekly journal club.

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critique a journal article recognizing the components of a well-designed research study You need to assess the merits of the future research suggestion. Just as you would critique a journal article in your Literature Review chapter, you need to assess whether the future research suggestion is built on strong theoretical and/or empirical foundations. In other words, is the future research suggestion (a) supported by theory and/or (b) backed up by research in the field (i.e., by data)?

How to Critique a Journal Article

How to Critique a Psychology Journal Article. Mental illness can be hard for patients, friends and family members to cope with. But understanding it better can help

How to Critique a Journal Article: An Interpretive Approach by Sage