How can I write a critical review paper

There has recently been a change in the process of clinical decision-making across most areas of clinical practice. Newly formed bodies such as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) will be evaluating a wide ranging evidence base as part of their role in improving clinical governance (). The College, in keeping with this trend, introduced the Critical Review Paper to develop critical appraisal skills and evidence-based practice (). The exam tests skills necessary for reasoned evaluation of research and requires knowledge of study design, methodology and basic statistics. Candidates need to analyse methodological and mathematical data rapidly to answer a clinical question.

The critical review paper is not meant to be a difficult or onerous assignment

"The definitive study guide to the Critical Review Paper of the MRCPsych Part II examination."

"Good medical practice is based on a combination of clinical judgement and the application of research-based evidence. Psychiatrists need to acquire skill and confidence in the critical appraisal of research, and must be able to evaluate published literature in terms of both scientific validity and clinical relevance. The Critical Review Paper of the MRCPsych is designed to test candidates in the principles and methodology of evidence-based medicine."

Critical Reviews in Psychiatry is an essential guide to the Critical Review Paper. The book collates all the past exam papers to spring 2004, with model answers provided by prize-winning exam candidates. This book is unique in its coverage of the psychiatric aspects of critical review, and is key reading for trainees preparing for the MRCPsych examination."

model answer for critical review paper - ASEAN Journal of Psychiatry

the summer months as well as begin working on the critical review paper It is the first time that an Asian university has published a critical Review paper in Chemical Reviews in the area of anodes materials Lithium-ion batteries, and it is also one of the top four most read articles between April and June 2013.

Critical Review paper of Steam Turbine Blades Corrosion and ..

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A good critical review paper needs to do several things