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Similarities between Criminal and Civil Law (Territo 2004) Both Criminal Law and Civil Law seek to control behavior; Both impose sanctions against the defendant

A. Explain differences in criminal law and civil law using proper legal terminology.

The objective of this unit is to provide students with exposure to and information on laws and current legal practices in the United States. Laws are typically categorized by Criminal Law and Civil Law. Criminal Law is further broken into two sub-categories: Felonies and Misdemeanors. The student will further be exposed to legal terminology commonly used in judicial proceedings in the United States of America. The student will be led into discussions, analysis and illustrations of legal scenarios and judicial proceedings. (UG-A, B, C)

Criminal law or penal law is the body of law that relates to crime

Compare and contrast the differences between criminal law and civil law. We have thus far spent quite a bit of time discussing what happens to a person when they violate a law. Today we are going to begin exploring United States laws. Over the next few days we will examine different types of laws that society has decided we must follow. Laws are basically divided into two categories: Criminal Laws and Civil Laws. Can someone give me an example of a Criminal Law? How about a Civil Law? Civil Laws are harder to express than criminal laws aren’t they. Civil Law is based on ideas of how a reasonable person should respond in a given situation. Civil Law asks the Judge or jury to decide if a person, government, corporation or other entity acted properly in a given situation. Criminal laws are based generally on British Common Law. Criminal Laws attempt to express what society views as acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Criminal laws are much like school or classroom rules. As we have explored, society’s views on what is considered “right and wrong” can change daily, dependent on the day’s top news story. What we may consider acceptable today may be unacceptable tomorrow. Would someone give me an example of something that used to be against the law that is now legal? Torts also change over time. How society expects a reasonable person to react in a situation can also change daily. Today we are going to begin defining and categorizing laws and exploring how they may affect our lives and the lives of Criminal Justice professionals.

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D. Provide illustrations, structured group activities and roundtable discussions on the differences between criminal law and civil law and the differences between felonies and misdemeanors. (UG-A, B, C)

Civil law is a branch of the law