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Why a play by Langston Hughes written in the 1930's? Surely this poet couldn't have written for the theatre. Well, at least not a play that would still be speaking to contemporary issues in America. But the play does speak to issues of racism, sexism, and classism, but are WE ready to speak to these issues yet! Will we ever really be ready to acknowledge these issues as the social ills that they are and work together for a cure?

HY 431 Through the Prism of History: The Historical Roots of Contemporary Issues in America

Rabbi Dr. Ron is a noted rabbi, educator, author, lecturer and speaker. He received his B.A. from Brandeis University, rabbinic ordination from Hebrew Union College – New York, and a doctorate in Education from Harvard University. Dr. has published articles and essays on Jewish politics, faith communities and the peace process, education, culture and contemporary issues in America and Israel. He has represented at the Vatican and at many international conferences, and is frequently consulted by media representatives. He currently blogs for the , and the .

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theater houses engaging with contemporary issues in America with new productions this spring Katie Falkenberg is a staff photographer at the Los Angeles Times. Raised in Ohio, Falkenberg began her career in Washington, D.C., covering the White House and Capitol Hill as a freelance photographer. From 2006 through 2009, she was a staff photographer at The Washington Times, where she began to focus on documenting contemporary issues in America. Her passion is working on issue-related projects, and she considers it a great privilege and responsibility to tell the stories of people who may not have a chance to be heard otherwise.

Contemporary World Issues - Socialism in Latin America

This online encyclopedia includes the present and future multicultural environment in US society. It contains information about ethnic groups and their histories and contemporary issues in America today, along with 2010 census data information. Written entries are augmented with multimedia including 100 videos with transcripts from Getty Images, Video Vault, Agence France Press, and Sky News, selected by the Media Librarian at Rutgers University Libraries. This reference work will be beneficial for any student researching specific populations within the United States and could serve as a helpful resource for students in other departments or programs such as History and Political Science. To be published September, 2013.

Contemporary Political and Social Issues