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Some stimulating work on social conflicts and theoretical approaches with similarities to conflict theory are also found in other disciplines like economics, psychology, anthropology, and evolutionary psychology. is an attempt to reconstitute the micro-foundations of Marxist economics, whereas presents a neo-Marxist approach to accumulation theory. In contrast, represents an analysis of social conflicts from a more mainstream economic perspective. Of course, social psychology has a long history of analyzing conflict and aggression. is a comprehensive overview of this research. In contrast, is a classic study on violent conflict from the perspective of evolutionary psychology. Finally, has strong similarities to conflict theory in sociology. The book selected for this bibliography is the author’s paradigmatic theoretical work.

Conflict Theory in Sociology

Conflict theory sociology is an interesting way to look at the world. Conflict theory may seem straightforward, but it isn’t always so cut and dry. In order to understand society, this Marxist theory must be considered without forgetting about other forms of sociological conflict theory.

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Conflict theory is a rather fuzzy theoretical paradigm in sociological thinking

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Sociology is simply the study of human behavior as a group