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There is a "Pretty Child Contest" where all the good looking kids gather. It is also known as the "Little Miss Korea" made up of cute kids all over the country. 'Icon of revenge' is one actress from a child beauty contest.

Plans for a US-style child beauty contest in Australia have provoked public outcry, writes Rachel Browne.

Spray Tans, hair extensions, false nails, £1,000 dresses - all standard beauty pageant fare, you might think. But on girls of seven? Olivia Gordon has one word for the contestants and their mothers in Britain's first US style child beauty contest: why?

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American organisers are set to stage a child beauty contest in Ireland in September You can get a Ph.D. on historical crime. Why not on contemporary crime? Ramsey was a child beauty contest participant, and I can very easily see feminist, cultural, etc. angles to discussing that.

I haven't actually read her blog; I just don't care for cheap shots.

Child Beauty Pageants: What Are We Teaching Our Girls

Resolution: The Little Miss Sunshine organizers agree to drop the charges on the condition that they don't enter Olive in a child beauty contest in the State of California ever again. Agreed. They drive back home together, except for Grandpa - only a hospital sheet remains.

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We obviously do not have any textbooks or academic journals focused on child beauty pageants (or even on beauty pageants, for that matter). Several edited volumes on beauty pageants exist, but they do not discuss child beauty pageants. Some other general books about pageantry mention child beauty pageants, such as and ; has two chapters on child beauty pageants. The story is similar for . The Stevens volume, along with , are two examples of why the reader must be wary when it comes to studying child beauty pageants. Both of these books were compiled from various Wikipedia entries and self-published. The best of these overviews that focuses on child beauty pageants is Susan Anderson’s (). Again, though, there is a caveat. The book is almost entirely pictures of child beauty pageant contestants and contains very little text on child beauty pageants. Australian cosmetics firm Barcony launched their products in Chiang Mai with a mother-child beauty contest at Kad Suan Kaew last week. And while most mother’s took the path of bringing their daughters, two brought their very cute sons to compete for the 300,000 baht in prizes. Some performed dances, while others sang songs. One enterprising four year old boy wowed the crowd with his rendition of “Fly me to the moon” and also took the title and the 50,000 Baht first prize.

Barcony also brought in the recent supermodel contest winner and the Miss Tiffany 2007 to present their products in a fashion show along with gorgeously dressed models. Judges included well known fashion designer Tananan Willson and resort owner Raya Luelai.