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When I switch from APA bibliography to Chicago--all the page numbers that were in the brackets disappear and all I have is a Chicago bibliography. I would like to have the Chicago style endnotes plus bibliography but would settle for author-date. But as is, I lose all page references and have no endnotes/author references at all. Help!

Cite all information with Chicago style endnotes (which do not count as part of the five pages)

I am using Chicago style endnotes (with X3 and MS Word), and often I have a citation from one source but with multiple pages - for example I want something like Chudacoff 112, 146. When I enter the page numbers the resulting endnote looks like this Chudacoff 112, 46. EndNote abbreviates the second page number resulting in a misleading citation because it looks like I am referencing page 46 and not page 146. I have looked around preferences and all over the Help menu but can't figure out how to fix this. I tried changing the output style template for Chicago by clicking on "Show the full range of pages" in the page numbers tab, but no change occurred even after deleting and reinserting the citations. Really appreciate any help!

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I would like to have the Chicago style endnotes plus bibliography but would settle for author-date Despite the dense material, Roughgarden’s style is readable, but I found irritating the use of endnotes rather than APA-style in-text notation, which gives date and authors, which can then be looked up in the bibliography. With the Chicago Style endnotes used by Roughgarden’s publisher, one must either spend large amounts of time flipping pages back and forth or forego looking at citations altogether. Even though I was anxious to see the works to which she was referring, I mostly avoided the page-flipping. Most biology texts—including the work of E.O. Wilson I remember so fondly—use APA format. I wish Evolution’s Rainbow had.

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I am not sure why this is not the default for the Chicago Style for EndNote but Chicago is a very complex formatting style with many, many variations so likely the "abbreviate the last page number" behavior is preferred in many cases.

Chicago Citation Format: Footnotes and how to make them