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Will Solutions offers cheap will writing and estate planning legal services, from national will writing solicitors. We ensure that your Will is correctly drafted and executed so that there can be no future complications. Included within the cost you receive:

D.I.Y wills or relatively cheap will writing services can create more problems than they solve

This case highlights the concerns of using cheap will writing services that are not regulated and the damage that DIY wills can do. The majority of people using these services are not aware of the fall out they can cause. Sometimes solicitors can make mistakes but because they are regulated and insurance is compulsory there is recourse to put a mistake such as this right and compensation can be paid.

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cheap will writing service This is dishonest to the core: His victims are the elderly and the vulnerable. Of course it is in the nature of his business that most people wanting to have their Wills written tend to be old and/or very ill. Thus naturally such people become his customers. He initially attracts his clients by offering a cheap Will writing service, a loss leader, much the same way that Tesco attracts grocery shoppers. Indeed, he even gives out coupons in church for a free Will written by Norton Peskett Solicitors. He does this while wearing his vicar outfit. But when it comes to writing a Will, cheap and nasty is not a good way to go. There is no second chance for the client to correct problems that come to light only after their deaths! It is well know that the administration of estates is an exceedingly lucrative business for solicitors. It takes very little knowledge: Mostly it consists of filling out forms and mailing standard letters. Most of the work is performed by para-legals or even secretarys. Thus costs are kept low, while still billing the client a premium rate. Indeed, the work is so profitable that it is often referred to as the "Probate Industry". Up to this point his behaviour is not exceptional for the industry. But now the deception and manipulation begins:

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Although we are told that making a will is very important, what isn't clear is what the advantages having a solicitor prepare your will compared to a cheap will writing service or doing it yourself. We take a look at five reasons why you should make a will with a solicitor.

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