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All Gatsby’s lies and deception is all to win Daisy’s heart. He refuses to leave Daisy behind, all he ever wanted was for Daisy to see him as worthy of her even though she is a selfish, shallow individual. In chapter five he displays an uncharacteristic nervousness and clumsiness when he is about to meet Daisy again. Even though it is what he wants most in the world, even though he has planned everything for this moment, his nervousness is apparent. With everyone else Gatsby projects cool and in control, but with Daisy he reverts to the love-struck kid she first met in Louisville. Our character analyses of Gatsby suggests an emotional, .

The character analysis of Gatsby: Gatsby is great, because he is dignified and ennobled by his dream and his mythic vision of life

Gatsby, despite his modest background, perhaps because of it, transforms all his dreams into reality. He desires three things: wealth, acceptance and the driver in both of these: Daisy. His idealistic nature invests Daisy with qualities that do not match up with the reality of her selfish, shallow and condescending personality. Gatsby has great ideals and tremendous passion but these were subjugated to the relentless single-minded task of acquiring wealth, just so he could feel worthy of Daisy’s love. Our character analysis of Gatsby suggests an visionary.

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