The Challenges of Virtual Teamwork - An Executive Briefing

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The challenges of teamwork when all participants do not contribute arise from technical reasons as well as team processes. Every person is included in the team so that he/she contributes his/her expertise. There is a particular skill, ability, or knowledge that the team requires from a participant for which he/she were selected to be on the team in the first place. For example, in a manufacturing team, one participant has expertise in designing, a second has expertise in machining, and a third has the skills of molding. If even one participant in a team does not contribute, the manufacturing is likely to be flawed. The manufacturing may not take place! It is imperative that each individual contribute to teamwork so that the objectives of the team are achieved.

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The second lesson is that we need to update the way we view teamwork in health care. “Given changes in the way health care is delivered and financed, teamwork today must encompass multiple clinical settings, where team members might not see or know each other,” explains Dr. Press. Overcoming the challenges of teamwork spanning health care settings “requires a system designed to support and facilitate collaboration,” writes Dr. Press.

The Challenges of Teamwork by Jennifer Loftus - Evan Carmichael

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There's been a game change in household shopping that creates a big opportunity for brands and retailers. Our research shows that the shopping process is not a male or female responsibility, but a collaborative effort, colored with the rewards and challenges of teamwork. And the brands that understand team needs and styles will win.

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