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Martha, the owner is the bomb! Marni, her daughter, and Vicki are fantastic as well. They really show their expertise and go above and beyond. They are more than happy to answer any questions and really work with you to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

I have now visited the shop three or four times now. The first time I stopped by to pick out some scrubs for my new job earlier this year. Martha helped me to pick out what scrubs would be the most flattering on my body type, as well as what would fit in my budget. One of the scrub sets was on sale/clearance and was buy one get one half off? I left with two sets of scrubs that fit me nicely, conforming to my body as well as height for under $70. Yes you could probably buy your scrubs at the Alleys for super cheap without trying them on/not a great fit, but why not invest in something that is going to make you look good and therefore feel good and confident?

The second time I visited ProWearPlus to buy lab coats and scrubs for the new company I work for. Martha suggested to me different lab coats and took the time to explain to me why a certain lab coat is better for a certain purpose versus another lab coat. She helped me find a every day type lab coat that the doctors at my practice could wear that would be comfortable and functional. She even allowed me to take home the lab coats to have the doctors try on, and then allowed me to return what we didn't need.

I visited the store again to make my final purchases and to get embroidery done. I was really impressed with the embroidery service. Martha's prices are very competitive. She is the lowest in town for set-up fees and for the actual embroidery. Marni helped me pick out the proper thread colors according to our business logos. She was great at helping me pick through the color selection and walking me through in making the perfect choices. For example, she helped me with picking the proper shades of yellow, light blue, and dark blue in a way that they blended together. This prevented us from getting a overly bold yellow against a faded light blue and faded dark blue.

The turn around time was quick! I know we had a rush delivery for photography and videography purposes, but Martha made sure that our orders would be done.

I definitely recommend ProWearPlus wholeheartedly to everyone.

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