There is something just so very wrong with this thing of having beauty pageants for little girls, and seeing the girls done up like adults. They are made to look like dolls. And it just disturbs me to see a kid in a photo this way... it is an end of innocence and a cold view of how some parents value material wins over childhood, and decent upbringing. And the people who support it and sponsor these events share part of the blame for it.


The popular reality TV program “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” follows the lives of a poor family in rural Georgia who enter their 6-year-old daughter Alana — aka Honey Boo Boo — into beauty pageants for little girls. In the process of following storylines and cobbling together episodes, the show gives viewers unfettered glimpses of lives lived near the poverty line.

beauty pageants for little girls causes self-respect

What about beauty pageants for little girls So often sensitive or taboo subjects are avoided, and it's better to beopen and honest about them so we can gain a better understanding ofourselves and those around us.

If a person is 24 and is in a relationship with a 16 yr old, is thatwrong? What about 30 and 16? 40 and 16? The film argues that girlsmature sooner than boys, and for thousands of years our life expectancywas 33 so it made sense to reproduce as soon as the woman came of age(began menses) In the film, they interview a female pedophile. Hergraphic story was difficult for me to hear. Another shocking moment iswhen they interview a woman who was repeatedly raped as a child by herfather and a neighbor.

They also interview a man who is out about being a pedophilia. Duringthat interview it is noted that pedophilia is an orientation, not anaction. The man interviewed claims to be a non-exclusive, non-offendingpedophile, meaning he admits he is sexually attracted to children, butis also attracted to adults and does not act on his attraction tochildren. He believes a lot of people are attracted to kids; they justwon't dare to acknowledge it.

What about the weird sexualization of girls in our society, such asmaking sweatpants for little girls with words like "JUICY" on the butt?Makeup for kids grooms them for future sexual advertising. And ofcourse, there's the whole beauty pageants for little girls racket.

A friend of mine went to jail for a year because his friend sent him atopless picture of his girlfriend. Turns out the girlfriend was 16 andhe got busted for possession of child porn. When he got out of jail hefound a job, but was fired two weeks later when the employer found outabout his criminal record.

Chid porn is people under age 18 who are portrayed in sexual, lewdconduct erotic behavior. So wouldn't that mean that many magazine adsare child porn? This film digs into these topics and more.

Beauty pageants for little girls..

I was severely chastised in school for kicking a boy – girls are not supposed to kick anyone (I had my hands full of chemistry equipment, he pushed me, so I kicked him) and for climbing a tree in the schoolyard. Girls are not supposed to climb trees! My mother insisted on growing my hair very long, which I disliked but did not have any say in the matter. I still think the the idea of the “experiment” is nuts, but to me the idea of beauty pageants for little girls is probably worse.

some problems that make me sadder: beauty pageants for little girls