The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (Division A of Pub.L

If the billions in bailouts 2008/2009 would have gone to 330 million Americans equally instead of the pockets of the 0.01%, the country would be just as crazy but at least the playing field would be a lot more level.

they've maintained over consumers for years, not just the mess that culminated in bailouts 2008

“Although Donald Trump is trying to re-invent himself as a conservative for a possible bid for president in 2012, reminders of his prior support for Democrats and big government polices keep adding up. The latest: The Donald supported the auto bailout in 2008.

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financial bailout 2008 And all this happened because a bank in the community we live in was over leveraged. The bankers have moved on, but the small business people and individuals of this community are still here trying to put our community back together, while at the same time the well-connected large financial corporation that is benefiting from this is still taking what they can – sound familiar? See financial bailouts 2008.

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Most of the points to make have already been written both in the post and comments. A few extra:
Where will the money come from? The endless wars and bailouts/QE I think have put paid to the idea that there is any real lack of it. I think it also makes sense to stop taxing income and goods and go to a land value tax, higher taxes on corporate profits and taxes on purely speculative investment. This is where our surplus resides – and when say, higher taxes on corporate profits existed, everyone was better off while private fortunes continued to be made. It’s worth keeping in mind that the bank bailouts 2008-10 alone would have put £2000 in the pocket of every person in the UK.

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