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Around this time, Yuri grows increasingly drawn to Ava Fontaine (Bridget Moynahan), a young model who grew up in the same neighborhood as Yuri but the two never met. Yuri devises a scheme where he rents out an entire hotel in St. Barts and sends Ava a fake modeling job offer. Ava shows up to the hotel and wanders around for a few days, before Yuri introduces himself and pretends the two meet by accident. Eventually, he persuades her to ride home on "his" plane, which is nothing more than a general chartered plane with his last name painted on at the last second. (In fact, the paint is so wet that it runs off as the plane takes off) Ava, however, suspects nothing, and even admits that her and Yuri's encounter must have been "fate." The two eventually marry, have a son, and move into a cozy apartment overlooking Central Park. Then, one day, the best news Yuri could ever hear occurs: the Soviet Union falls, meaning the Eastern Bloc will be dismantled. Yuri rushes back to the Ukraine, and meets with Uncle Dmitri, a high-ranking officer in the Soviet army who is also family. His post has barracks full of unused assault rifles and other WMDs. Yuri buys them off Dmitri and ships them back to America. Once again, Valentine and his team show up, but Yuri quickly stashes all devastating evidence. He notes to Valentine that the reason he's getting away is because of a huge loophole in the trade embargo, and Valentine, a by-the-book man, reluctantly lets him go again. Once Yuri and Dmitri arrive back to America, Dmitri is approached by Weisz about buying the weapons, but Dmitri has loyalty to Yuri and refuses. Dmitri, however, pays for it later, when his new car blows up after being rigged with a bomb, intended for Yuri (I think, I had a bathroom break at this point and had to connect the dots according to the previous and current scenes).

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While Yuri has few qualms about their work, Vitaly's conscience bothers him, aggravating his tendency to drown his problems in cheap sex and drugs. After absconding with a kilo of cocaine – pay for a sale in Columbia – Yuri checks Vitaly in for the first of several stints in rehab. Yuri, however, is eyeing Ava Fontaine (Bridget Moynahan), a model he's had a crush on since he was a teenager. Rich from his weapons trade, Yuri is able to woo and wed Fontaine.

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Rolle: Ava Fontaine Orlov’s business takes him around the world, from Beirut to Bolivia, butit isn’t until 1991, when the Cold War ends and the arms business gets hot,that things get lucrative. Yuri becomes one of the tops in his field andlife looks good. He has wooed and married beautiful fashion model Ava Fontaine(Bridget Moynahan). They have a handsome son, Nicky, and Yuri has more moneythan he knows what to do with. But, there is darkness on the horizon in theform of Interpol agent Jack Valentine (Ethan Hawke); a dedicated law enforcerwho will dog Yuri’s heals until he can bring the man down. Throw into thismix the bloodthirsty dictator Andre Baptiste (Eamon Walker) and his equallybrutal son, Junior (Sammi Rotibi), and Yuri is headed for disaster.

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