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In 2005 the American Education Research Association's Education in the Professions – Division I published an annotated bibliography of the affirmative action research literature relevant to professional education titled: Affirmative Action and Diversity in Professions Education(). With over 200 citations, many targeted towards medical education and advertised as ‘data-driven’, one might conclude that this large body of literature could provide an informative background for facilitating the debate on affirmative action within our medical schools. However, upon closer examination of the research included in this bibliography, it becomes obvious that in many cases where data is used, it is extracted and analyzed to serve an evaluation or advocacy role in support of a position or program. In trying to sort through the research on affirmative action in professional education, it is easy for medical educators to become discouraged by the poor quality of the research methods and the selective presentation of data that is designed to serve an evaluation function. Because the quantitative measurement research addressing key topics in selection for diversity is not adequately documented within the medical education research literature, policy makers within medical education are often unaware of this perspective.

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The National Center for Public Policy Research's page of affirmative action research materials and information. The four sections of the page provide commentary, legislation, litigation, and links on affirmative action in the United States. The commentary is largely from news sources and political or policy groups and touches on a variety of issues and perspectives in the debate over affirmative action policies.

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