Affirmative Action is Racist against White People

The question is why are still so fervently devoted to a program so plainly inadequate and ill-conceived from the start, Affirmative action is racist and does not solve anything. If you hair color is too light, a liberal thinks you have to test higher on an admittance score, this is wrong in so many ways and cannot be tolerated in modern society.

Affirmative action is racism. If you are truly racially blind, affirmative action isn’t possible.

Affirmative action is RACIST. Liberals are either assuming that blacks are “inferior” and need extra help or thinks their votes can be bought for “Special treatment”
I saw the point when Civil Rights had just passed.—People had been unfairly treated and needed a hand up—But that was some FIFTY tears ago. To keep it going is exploitive.

Affirmative Action is Racist Against White Americans REAL TALK

I think affirmative action is racism -- and therefore wrong But the most important reason toreject the argument that affirmative action is racist is that it ignores whatracism actually is. The whole point of any racist practice is to preserve andenforce the privilege – the dominance and unearned advantage – of the dominantgroup by systematically excluding and oppressing members of the subordinategroup. This has never been the purpose of affirmative action, either in theoryor in practice. It has been just the opposite – a modest attempt to shift theodds away from being so heavily loaded in favor of whites in an environmentthat is still overwhelmingly white dominated, identified, and centered.

affirmative action is racism and should be banned

None of this means that white peopleare being discriminated against simply because they are white or thataffirmative action is racist. For one thing, discrimination against people ofcolor has been and continues to be based not simply on color itself, but onnegative cultural beliefs about people of color – what kind of peoplethey are and what they’re capable of – that portray them as inferior to whites,as undeserving, unworthy, and undesirable.

The things that lead to a need for affirmative action is racism

My opponent Jaz.H has forfeited round 2 and round 3 of the debate. I have offered my arguments for why Affirmative Action is not racist and can be beneficial to society.Hardly a week goes by but that the subject of Affirmative Action does notcome up. Whether in the form of preferential hiring, non-traditional casting,quotas, "goals and time tables," minority scholarships, race-norming,reverse discrimination, or employment of members of underutilized groups, theissue confronts us as a terribly perplexing problem. Affirmative action was oneof the issues that divided the Democratic and Republican parties during the1996 election, the Democrats supporting it ("Mend it don’t end it")and the Republicans opposing it ("affirmative action is reverseracism"). During the last general election (November 7, 1996) Californiavoters by a 55% to 45% vote approved Proposition 209 (called the"California Civil Rights Initiative") which made it illegal to discriminateon the basis of race or gender, hence ending Affirmative Action in publicinstitutions in California. The Supreme Court recently refused to rule on theappeal, thus leaving it to the individual states to decide how they will dealwith this issue. Both sides have reorganized for a renewed battle. At the sametime, the European Union’s High Court of Justice in Luxembourg has recentlyapproved Affirmative Action programs giving women preferential treatment in the15 European Union countries (Nov. 11, 1997).