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Research papers are nasty little buggers. They have this terrible tendency to start consuming your social and intellectual life; a time-draining, monotonous project that eats away all your extra downtime and leaves you sleepless and exhausted. The combination of excessive research (hours in the library, hours searching articles online, hours poring through journals) and copious amounts of planning time (outlines, outlines, outlines) takes forever – and that’s before you even start writing! Without a doubt, academic research papers are one of the cruelest and most difficult assignments in education today. If you don’t have the time, energy or motivation to tackle one head-on, than you need help – and you need it fast!

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You May Also Like, a research paper outline is a generalized, organized overview of a research topic. Outlines are useful as they help the writer think. The time has come to organize your research into a cohesive outline for an academic research paper. By, carol Adams - last updated July 21, 2014, found This Helpful. Proper note taking aids the outlining process. Research papers are a major what Does A Good Research Paper Outline Look Like part of the educational process, and many instructors require students to provide an outline of their research paper before they actually write it. Using the alphanumeric format mentioned above requires that a Roman numeral be used for the general title of the first body paragraph. Capital letters are required for the subheadings under the title.

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This damning statistic from a 2007 overview of citation analysis recently about . A had made the rounds in 2010 but that time it was about 60% of social and natural science articles that were said to be uncited. Neither statistic came with a link to supporting academic research papers.

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