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However, some teachers still require the traditional format. Thesethree examples from the September 1983 edition of the MLA Handbookillustrate a sample first page of a research paper and sample first pagesof the and pages for that paper. Notethat "typewriter technology" standards have been used when specifiyingindentations, book titles, and other formatting features. Note also thatthe U.S. edition of this book assumed an 8.5x11-inch page size instead ofthe taller (but less wide) European A-4 size.

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Format:The format of the review should be appropriate too. Search for a literature review for a research paper sample online and you’ll get a good idea of how you need to proceed with things.

How to Introduce a Research Paper Sample

Getting A Good Research Paper Questionnaire Sample Even though you may not be able to turn in a sample research paper for a grade, you may find ideas or writing techniques that will help you develop your own papers. As may be expected, if you are planning to hire a writer to complete a report for you, studying a research paper sample can also help you locate the best author. This is just one of many reasons why we offer sample research papers to individuals that visit our site.

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Since there are many different topics, we realize that a sample of research paper for one topic may not be suitable for another field. Consider that research paper samples on a psychology topic won't give you much perspective on how an author will develop ideas for a paper on art history. At the very least, as you study research papers online, you should always try to find ones that match your field of study and the academic course level as closely as possible.

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